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Myrtleford Resilience Plan

Alpine Shire Council

The Myrtleford community has experienced shocks and stresses through loss of industry and temporary closures of one of their major employers. The social, economic and health impacts on the community from the loss of the tobacco industry was devastating to what was a thriving township. This project built on community capacity and resilience by focusing on key strengths of the community and environment, and to identify alternative industry and employment pathways.

Projectura was engaged by Alpine Shire Council in early 2019 to develop the Myrtleford Resilience Plan.

Projectura conducted an extensive community engagement process to establish a profile of the community, identify the identity, strengths, issues and priorities. Together with Council, we collaborated with key stakeholders to identify projects and initiatives to support the towns growth and resilience. A detailed situational analysis was completed by Projectura to guide the conversations between Council and the community and to help shape a Resilience Plan and Action Plan that will guide the rejuvenation of Myrtleford.

The Myrtleford Resilience Plan was adopted in November 2019.


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“Communities can feel over engaged especially in small regional townships. Projectura approached the community with the care and empathy they required forming trust in the process resulting in a well informed collaborative document. We entrusted you with transparent process from community engagement to plan delivery. You have not disappointed.”


Kate Simpson — Economic Development Officer, Alpine Shire Council

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